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8000 Channels

We offer many high quality sports channels, FHD, HD, 1080p, 720p.

8000 VOD

New movie listings will be updated regularly, You will see many free blockbusters.

44 Countries

The IPTV channel list includes 44 countries.

Compatible on device

We have many guides for each device. As MAG, Android, GSE, Apple TV, PC-Laptop…

Server Stability

With 100 servers around the world, IPTV Reseller is the most stable service.


Channel list of 44 countries around the world, You will find what you need here.

Good Feedback

96% of customers are satisfied and happy with the service.

Sports Channel

We have the most vocal sports channels, many HD quality, FHD, SD…

Demo IPTV Panel

Current IPTV Panel will use the control panel of Xtream-Codes.
We will develop our own control panel in the future.

How to install IPTV on MagBox & STB Emulator

Click the image for a detailed tutorial

Portal for MAG & STB:

How to use IPTV with VLC on PC-Laptop

Simplest use

Use M3u File and open it with VLC software.
The downside is not watching the EPG.

How to Install IPTV on Smart Phone & Apple TV

Most popular, can be viewed everywhere

Use File M3u, Username & Password. Use with the web browser, use with GSE App or Perfect Player IPTV.

User manual for IPTV

We have many guides for each device. As MAG, Android, GSE, Apple TV, PC-Laptop, Smart TV, Kodi, Enigma2, Openbox, Firestick, Dreamlink. You can read more in here.


When we talk about streaming, there are many terms we encounter, IPTV is one of them. We are undergoing a paradigm shift from traditional broadcast modes such as cable or satellite television to internet and IPTV as a system with a major role in this transition...


If you interested in IPTV EX-YU channels you can check out it on my Web. We provide more than 500 IPTV EX-YU channels with high quality and cheap price. I’m sure that you can find the channel you want to watch with our list. With our EX-YU Channel, you can watch...

IPTV Malaysia

Some Malaysian IPTV channels to look for If you want to get entertained through some IPTV Malaysia channels, ResellerIPTV is obviously the best choice. ResellerIPTV offers a huge amount of channels, promising to meet consumers’ huge demand for entertainment,...

IPTV Turkey

IPTV Turkey channels IPTV, Internet Protocol TV, is a television network closely associated with telecommunications networks. In the present age, IPTV is increasingly popular all over the world. ResellerIPTV provides IPTV channels of many countries in the world: one...

IPTV Australia

There is no denying that with the development of the information and technology nowadays, that watching Australia channels anywhere and anytime has become very easy. ResellerIPTV is a website which provides IPTV Australia channels that you should try. Watching IPTV...

IPTV Finland

Why not using IPTV Finland? Internet Protocol TV (IPTV) is known as the delivery of television content over Internet Protocol networks. Nowadays it is used very commonly all over the world. With IPTV Finland, all your favorite channels are available and it is very...

IPTV Netherlands

IPTV Netherlands channels - Best Provider IPTV If you interested in IPTV Netherlands channels you can check out it on my Web. We provide more than 300 Netherlands channels with high quality. I’m sure you can find the channel you want. With our Netherlands Channel, you...

IPTV VipChannels

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IPTV Austria

IPTV is a product that combines between internet and telecom tivi, this product is officially distributed by ResellerIPTV with exclusive TV channels. Excellent image quality and stable transmission lines of IPTV Austria system that we bring will surely make you and...

IPTV France

If you are looking for a more interesting way to entertain at home, why don’t you try IPTV France? What is it? How can it bring more fun to your daily life? Let’s find out through the following article. IPTV which stands for Internet Protocol Television is known as...


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Where is the channel list?

We have 8000 channels in 44 countries. You can see channel list details

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